Haldiram’s Food International- How it expanded its business worldwide through digitalization?

The brand Haldiram’s is known for its delicacies in snacks and sweets. It was opened in 1937 by Ganga Bhishen Agrawal at Bikaner, Rajasthan. The snack shop gradually began to grow, mostly because of their “Bhujia”, which was made by following Bhushan’s aunt’s recipes. Soon, Bishan saw an opportunity opening up in the market, that he could use to further expand his business all over India. The expansion drive started with the inauguration of the manufacturing plant, set up in Kolkata. There, he received a lot of praise from the public and decided to take his business up a notch. 

In the nearest of times, Bhishen finally was finished with setting up another manufacturing sector in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This was and still is the largest plant that Haldiram owns. Today, the entire Haldiram chain has been divided into separate branches, which function under the brand. This is because, the sons and grandsons of Ganga Bhishen have decided to use their own father’s names, which eventually caused a conflict in trademark. Hence there is Bikaji in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Rameswar in Delhi, Prabhuji in Kolkata, and Mopleez in Nagpur. Today, Haldiram’s is not only popular in India, but has now become the world’s second-largest snack company, and advancing even more.

The digitalization of Haldiram’s

Haldiram today has multiple digital platforms due to the subdivision of the company. The company began the process of digitization by creating websites that would attract customers and will be user-friendly. The main aim of the website generation was to spread awareness and list their products in an attractive and organized structure. The interface of the website is vivid and very catchy. The details given on the digital platform include, About the Company, Product List, Accolades, Latest Updates on prices and product lists, and contact information. 

After the website creation was finished, the next step that Haldirams took towards digitalization is the opening of a serious site, wherein online transactions for products will be available. The website displays the latest list of products with updated prices. This provides the customers with a clear idea of what they require and where they will find it.

The search engines that Haldirams used were aimed at using SEM and SEO efficiently. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Here, if we type the brand’s name on Google, the first option that arrives as an advertisement is the main serious website of Haldirams for online business. The advertisement consists of neatly designed tags, and visible information, that makes the website stand out from other websites. 

On the other hand, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Just in the second position of the search, Haldirams informative website would appear. Many companies and firms use the name “Haldiram” to do their businesses. And so, the original Haldirams aimed at creating an SEO, where the information is clear, and the viewer is reminded of the brand, as soon as he or she or they, set their eyes on it. However, it is not only because of SEO or SEM, that the Haldirams website is displayed at the very beginning. Optimal Keywords play a crucial role too while developing and designing the website. 

As the business grew further via digital platforms, Haldirams began creating blogs that provided relevant content for the viewers to read and enjoy. The contents of the blogs include various recipes of dishes, healthy diet plans, and much more. The brand has also stepped on the gas to develop visual digital promotions in the form of videos. In the end, they finally caught up with the digitization process, by opening their business accounts on various Social Media Networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Success Story and Advantages of Digitalization

Bulk Retail Advantage

Those who wanted bulk purchases were at an advantage because of the digitization process. It was advantageous for bulk purchasers as they were channel retailers, whom the company saw fit to do deals directly. This not only benefited the bulk retailers, but it also came as an advantage for Haldirams, as huge purchase orders flooded in, increasing the company’s annual turnover. As the purchase orders came in, the interest rates of the company gradually grew. Due to this gradual hike in the rate of interest, the company also caught the eye of investors. There was an increase in the rate of shares of the company, which went up to 3 billion in recent times.

Efficient Technical use of Digital Platforms

The search engines were one of the first few elements that helped the website of the brand get featured right at the start. Efficient content management was also key to attracting customers, and investors. The websites were designed in an orderly fashion, such that the content did not overflow, but was just adequate. The aesthetics of the digital page helped in organizing the product list and their price in an efficient manner. This made it easier for normal customers as well as bulk retailers, who had large purchase orders to provide. 

Efficient Digital Marketing has also enabled the company to make more success. The 

The company has used social media networking platforms, videography, small-scale device operations, content designing, SEM, and SEO, which have all contributed to the profit gained in the ROI (Return on Investment).

Legacy and Future

The digitalization of Haldirams has increased the prospects of the company. It made the brand ready for the evolution of the humongous food chain. The digital platform has enabled Haldirams to make better connections and thus build a better networking system. After the use of social media networks and e-shopping facilities, Haldirams has evolved and thus has caught the eye of many companies. 

Due to the success made from digitalization, several investors have approached the company to either tie up or be stakeholders. This includes foreign companies like Kellogg as well. Kellogg, the American cereal producer, has selected Haldirams as partners, so that both companies could reap profits, by using strategic planning and intensive access to the online platform. The networking prospect of this partnership is one such result that digitalization brought to the future of Haldirams. 

Just like Kelloggs, some other companies are interested in a partnership with the Indian Snack chain supergiants. However, there are some companies as well, that Haldirams want to make their partners. For this, efficient use of networking and extensive material for research is required. Both the elements can be found within the future of the further evolution of digitalization. This means that to secure a growth-based future, Haldirams need to adapt to the new changes in the digital world. For instance, the inclusion of Artificial Technology (AI), mixed with the digital platforms, can provide a beacon to customers, investors, and most importantly, profit. 

Thus, digitalization has impacted every single element in the enormous business of Haldirams snack and sweet food chain. If the developers within the company use efficient marketing strategies that make full use of the digital platform, then the company no doubt will keep on growing. The brand has already crossed the annual turnover rate of many famous food chains. Digitalization has also assisted the brand in opening branches in other countries like the U.S., Canada, and many others.

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